The Optimist Club of Pacific Palisades is one of nearly 3,000 Optimist Clubs with about 90,000 members worldwide that form Optimist International. For more than 50 years the Palisades Will Rogers 5 & 10K Run Foundation (“PWR Foundation”) or its predecessor, the Will Rogers 10k Run, have provided funding to help accomplish this goal. The Palisades Optimists and the PWR Foundation have established a program and procedure to award grants annually to assist community organizations, schools and groups serving our youth and promoting worthwhile youth activities.


Grant Focuses

The Palisades Optimists’ PWR Foundation grants are awarded based on various criteria including the impact on youth in Pacific Palisades, the number of youth impacted by the program, the effectiveness of the program and the likely longevity of the program. Although it is not required, preference is given to:


  1. Applicant Organizations that are based in Pacific Palisades and/or provide services that benefit youth in the Pacific Palisades community.
  2. Requests for the funding of a specific event, equipment, facility or service, rather than the general and continuing financial support needed by an organization.
  3. Requests for funds that will be spent within the year following the grant.
  4. Applicants that cosponsor or assist the Palisades Optimists in our programs and services for Palisades’ youth and the community.


Grant Application Procedure

An Optimist Grant Request Application must be received no later than March 31st of the grant year either by (1) mailing, (2) email, or (3) hand-delivery to the current President or Grant Committee Chairman of the Pacific Palisades Optimist Club. Awards decisions will be made within two months and grant recipients will be notified and, if possible, receive their awards at the weekly Tuesday breakfast meeting of the Palisades Optimists.