WELCOME to the Pacific Palisades Optimist Club website. You will find information on the Palisades Optimist Club, its history, mission, activities and how to become a member.

How You Can Get Involved

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Optimists of Pacific Palisades

Being involved in an Optimist Club has many rewards. Members build friendships, expand social and business circles and develop Optimism as a way of life. More importantly, our members make a positive difference in the lives of many children and have the satisfaction of being able to give back to this community.

Optimist Clubs help the community and each club operates independently of each other. They choose their own activities, elect their own officers and raise their own funds. The Palisades Club’s service activities are based on the needs of this community.

Fun Raisers

In a typical year, the Pacific Palisades Club will sponsor more than 20 programs and activities that are centered around its primary mission of “Bringing Out the Best in Kids.”

All income from fundraisers is returned to the community in the form of grants to youth, to support the Los Angeles Optimist Youth Home and Family Services, and for other community activities. Fundraisers also have another purpose. They become “fun-raisers” for Club members and offer an opportunity to let the community know about Optimist Club projects.

No Boundaries

We can never really be certain where or how far the boundaries of our service and sponsorship reaches.  But if one child can become a better reader or receives a scholarship or learns leadership through giving a speech or has a home, a place to go or just know that someone cares – then we know we have touched a life and made a difference. For that, there are no boundaries.